Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It's no secret that I've been editing my wardrobe lately ("lately" loosely encompassing the past year and a half...or more) and I am excited to announce: mission completed! Interestingly, purging and organizing has only opened up a new challenge to me, which would be defining my personal style. (This is #10 on my list of resolutions this year, ahem). At first, I thought this would be relatively simple. Look at my wardrobe champions, describe them, and voila! Then I realized, not so much.

Here are a few words that describe the clothing in my closet:
-floral prints
-lace details
-dresses, dresses, dresses
-understated, I'm-in-the-background pants

Okay......that is not making much of a statement. Those words are not making my heart (and style) SIIING! (Sing a pretty, high note whilst reading that). So I am going to approach this from a different angle and ask myself, "How would I like others to describe my personal style?" This starts with a list of elements that goes more like....
-feminine (first and foremost! I am not a girly-girl necessarily (as I type this with a Barbie-pink manicure, wearing a skirt at 9pm, describing my closet of lacy floral print dresses) but I DEFINITELY am super feminine)
-sheer layers
-conversational prints
-a few whimsical details
-bright jewel tones
-dark slim bootcut pants
-A-line/ fit and flare
-statement necklaces
-a slight hint of new-age-y-ness (yes that's a word...think quartz pendants and crystal stud earrings)

I do not know where this basic, basic mish-mashy list of elements will take me but I think it somehow gets me a little closer to curating a more succinct style. I feel like this process will help highlight the things I'm doing right and the areas where I can honestly assess my daily look and see if I'm projecting what I want to visually project into the world. If that makes sense. I've not done it before, but perhaps a goal is to start photographing my outfits and using those to sort out what's working REALLY WELL and what's...not. I feel like defining my style will always be a process for me but hopefully it will get easier with time.

One last note, I totally picked up a pair of tan suede booties with fringe on them today. Calm down, no not these, but THESE. Fringe is completely unlike me, in any form or fashion, so this is exceedingly unusual. I am, however, planning to wear them tomorrow as part of a (lovely! elevated! sophisticated!) ensemble I put together for a work event. For extra incentive and as proof I can make these work, I promise to post a photo of said outfit be on the lookout...eeep.


  1. Hooray for defining your style! I'm about to start that process all over again!

    Also, those booties are fierce. I love how booties look on other ladies, but I just can't seem to make them work for me. I'm excited to see your outfit! You're the Master Accessorizer.

  2. *cough* It seems I forgot to follow up on this one...haaa