Sunday, July 10, 2011


I think we'll start with this. I decided this evening to go for a run. At 8pm, because it would be dusky and cooler and yet still not quite as fearsome as running alone when it's truly night time. It was 104 degrees when I left the house. Misery. And. Here's the catch. I hate running.

But somehow I knew I needed it. Really needed it, like when you stumble out of bed in the middle of the night and down a gallon of water. So I walked briskly, then got this wild push and all-out sprinted down the path until Whatever It Was passed and I could stop sprinting and instead just feel it all pouring out of me. Breathing deeply felt like a stretch I hadn't done in a while. So, I did this cathartic sprint thing a few times until all my wildness (anger?) flew away and I was left thinking, Well, that feels better. And then I saw a rabbit, nibbling its dinner. Calm, quiet, impervious to the emotional beast standing next to it. It was what it was.

I am unsure what this blog will be about. Maybe I will talk about my on-again-off-again running. Maybe I'll just go on about other blogs I enjoy. Maybe I'll tell you all about my plants. Or about what I'm learning. Maybe it should all simply be about what I'm learning. Okay, so:

Today I learned I can still sprint without keeling over or vomiting. Who knew.