Sunday, October 21, 2012

A little something

Just a little "hello!" to announce that I have not fallen off the face of the earth, as much as it may seem so. I've been incredibly busy lately, but still have a goal of writing more/ updating more frequently, so hang in there with me, please?

This weekend has been fairly typical of a working weekend for me. I had Friday off and used the time to clean my apartment, run random errands, and grocery shop. I made a gigantic vat of vegetable soup. I also nursed my baby kitten who went in Thursday for The Big Snip-Snip. When I brought her home she acted as though she'd been in a cage for 24 hours (which she had, essentially), which means she tore around the house incessantly for oh, four hours. At least she didn't make pity-me eyes.

My sweet boyfriend came to visit me yesterday. I worked from 7am to 4pm, and ran out the door as soon as I could to go meet him at my place. The plan was to hit a local Halloween festival but in the end I was just too tired so we ate Indian food, cozied up on the couch, and ate pumpkin ice cream whilst watching "An American Werewolf in London," one of his favorite movies. I will admit, it was pretty good. Tonight I'm going to attempt to finish "Don't Look Now" while crafting a bazillion tissue paper tassels for a little something I have up my sleeve. Have I mentioned my new passion for garlands of every make and sort? I could make a million garlands, hang them all, and be very pleased for quite some time.

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