Friday, September 21, 2012

On Kitten-Gettin'


A coworker's cat had kittens. Lots and lots of kittens. They were adorable. And furry. And she became a Kitten Pusher. Although I am a Cat Person through and through, I have shied away from getting one for several years for many reasons, the biggest reason being that I am allergic to cats. Boo. But Ms. Kitten Pusher was quietly persistent. She texted me photos. She invited me over to play with them. And in the end, I brought a kitten home. 

I theorized that maybe this allergy to cats would relent if it was a kitten I could get used to. I had cats growing up and didn't have an issue being around them until I was in my twenties (strange, huh?). Ms. Kitten Pusher agreed to let me bring the kitten back to her if the allergies became unbearable. So, it was settled. I was finally getting a cat! At first I thought I might take the feisty-looking one above, second from the left.  The redhead. I named her Tippy Canoe and waited for her to hurry up and get old enough to bring home. But then we realized she was a he. And super aggressive. Feistier than we'd all imagined. I wanted a sweet cuddler, not a wild beast hell-bent on destroying my knickknacks (it's apparent I hadn't given a lot of thought to the nature of cats in general). So, I thought a little more. Ms. Kitten Pusher suggested the gray tabby second from the right. I agreed. We set a date. 

I wanted to pick up my new kitten at just the right time. I didn't want her to have to be all alone while I was at work, so the plan was to wait until the weekend so I could be home and the boyfriend would be around for moral and emotional support (trust me, I needed the emotional support...I got all "Am I equipped mentally to take care of another living thing? What if I make her life miserable?!" about it...this doesn't bode well for me having children if I got like this over a CAT). But then I got a wild hair and ran to the pet supply store after work one day. I picked up a litter box, litter, kitten food, cat toys, and a scratchy post. And a feather wand thinger. I was so ready for this. As I was driving to Ms. Kitten Pusher's, a sudden wild storm rose up, unleashing hail and thunder and gallons of rain. I had a mini panic attack, convinced this was a Sign. I forged ahead, Ms. Kitten Pusher put a kitten in a crate, and home we went.

who are you, and why are you talking to me like that?

You might guess what happened next. Nothing. She acclimated. She cried a bit at first but soon took to batting around her toys, peeing in the appropriate places, and following me around everywhere I went. It's been smooth sailing ever since. And that cat allergy? So far my theory has been correct.

loves sunny spots

It took some time to come up with the perfect name. I eventually decided on Tiger Lily. It fits her pretty well. Recently it's been shortened a bit to Tilly, which rolls off the tongue better when she's busy knocking over my houseplants. She is Such a Bad sometimes. At first she got into the habit of attacking me at night while I slept, and then she started burrowing under the covers in order to bite me more precisely. At this point, she's pretty good about letting me sleep, though yesterday she woke me up by running across my face multiple times. She tries to eat anything I'm eating and drink anything I'm drinking. One time, she shockingly ate pizza right off the boyfriend's plate while he was holding it. What a Bad.

Such a Bad.

Happily Ever After <3
 Overall, I am so happy I ended up taking her. She's a little snuggle beast, and who doesn't want one of those? Plus, she doesn't mind watching The Ghost Whisperer with me. Did I just admit to that? That will have to be a post for another day.

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  1. Hooray for kitten-gettin' season! I cannot WAIT to go get Rory.